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Mileage Correction

Digital services

Most vehicle with digital mileage can be corrected, be it counting in mileage, kilometres, hours or minuets we can correct it. Any odometer could need digital mileage correction due to many factors.
We can correct the mileage on cars, vans, motorbikes, quad bikes and even jet ski and much more.

Legal notice
We will only provide a mileage correction service on a vehicle if we are sure that the work we are being asked to do is for a legitimate purposes. The are many reasons why a vehicles mileage may need to be corrected,

Below are a few examples:

  • - The vehicle’s speedo has been changed, in turn you’ve purchased a second hand speedo & now it reads the wrong mileage.
  • - The car has been involved in an accident, which in turn may have created a power surge on the vehicles electronics sometimes the mileage can even jump to 999999 which means it will no longer add up.
  • - Power surge caused via jump starting the vehicle.
  • - Sometimes the vehicle simply is not adding up the mileage correctly

Our service

We provide a mobile service throughout London and we also cover many other areas including Essex, Surrey & Kent. When you use our services your mileage is being corrected by a professional with top of the range software and tools. Our services are discreet, fast and efficient. If parts need to be removed from the car we take extreme car, we treat your car as if it was one of our own.

Updates / news

We can now offer services which no-one else in the market can.
VAG group cars 2015 + via diagnostic port, no screw drivers needed straight through your diagnostic port.
New Mercedes 2014 + Can now be done fully diagnostically, yes you heard right all units can be done via diagnostic port.

NEW Update Sept 2016

**HIT** Latest Renault Trafic, Vauxhall Vivaro & Nissan Primastar vans 1.6 newer engine models, due to the fact mileage is stored on ABS pump if you change the pump you will require to have the mileage corrected throughout the van for it to match.

We can now cover a comprehensive correction on all Jaguar’s XKR, XF & XK via the diagnostics port, without the need to remove any parts from your pride and joy. HIT *** Audi A1, mileage can now be corrected all the way till 2017 models. We can now do all the Porsche Cayenne’s even the latest models 2015+ Renault Megane 3 & Laguna 3 – correction done via diagnostics port without the need for a can-blocker. Call for more info. We can cover all Audi A6, A7, A8, all the way till early 2017. We are the first company to be able to provide a comprehensive correction for these vehicles.

mileage correction for all brands

NEW Update Jan 2013

First company to be able to offer this range of vehicles, we can now correct the mileage via the diagnostics port for the following vehicles.

Range rover Evoque, Citroen C3, Citroen DS3, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 5008, Peugeot 508, Citroen C4 & DS4

Mileage correction on Mercedes c class w204 being down via the diagnostic port without the need to install can-blocker, these services also available without the need for a can-blocker for the following vehicles Mercedes E class (W212), GLX (X204), Gullwing, CLK (W207), S Class (W221) and CL class (C216)

Here is an example:

Ford - we can do them all up to 2017 with diagnostic port
Mercedes - we can do 90% of them diagnostic via port
Audi - We can do most of them via the diagnostic port
Volkswagen - We can do most of them via diagnostic port
And to many other makes and models to list

Prices start from 50 pounds but really depend on the car, there are so many different methods of correction and many different mileage locations, so we can't give out a general price. Do feel free to contact us for a quick hassle free quotation.

Contact us on 079 468 45 828 for a hassle free quotation

Most of our competitors in the mileage world use, 'Chinese' software at times installed on their laptop which may damage your clocks, in some cases your car may not even start. We get a lot of work from customers who have gone to someone else for mileage, who have broken their cluster.

Over the year our list of services has expanded

Here is a taste of some of the other services we provide:

  • Auto Locksmith
    • - Auto locksmith
    • - ECU Remapping
    • - ECU Repair / Re-coding
    • - Diagnostics work
    • - Immobilizer faults
    • - Lost car keys

    Speedometer Calibration

    Here at Rapid Miles we cover all services under dashboards, for whatever reason your speedometer needs calibration we can help.

    Below are some of the issues we can assist with.

    • The mileage reading is displaying incorrectly.
    • The needles are incorrectly placed and are causing you to not know

    Below are some of the cars we provide mileage correction for: