Audi A1 Mileage Correction

The need for mileage correction services for an Audi A1 can be necessary when there is an electrical fault or error. The digital odometer of an Audi A1 can be damaged when trying to jumpstart the car. We have professional mechanics that are able to correct the mileage on various Audi models including the most recent ones as well. We have invested in modern European equipment that is able to diagnose the electrical issue and then correct the mileage on your Audi A1. Our modern mileage correction services are guaranteed to be professional as well as reliable for every customer.

Mileage correction done via the obd port on an Audi TT, we cover 99% of the VAG group vehicles via the obd port including Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and even Bentley