Fiat Mileage Correction

We correct the mileage on most Fiat vehicles including the latest 2017 + models, we operate a mobile service which means we can come to you and get the work required carried out on site. any questions feel free to contact

There are times when the odometer of your vehicle begins to malfunction as a result of electrical faults, low batteries or even continuous repairs making it display misleading mileage readings. When this happens, you don’t have to run to your usual mechanic or electrician to dish out their specialized skills in trying to fix your odometer problems as they always did with not positive results. All you need to do is put a call across to us at Mileage Corrections and we will be at your service by using the latest Fiat 2017 speedometer recalibration equipment and software. We handle all Fiat vehicle matters irrespective of the models be it Fiat Panda, Fiat Punto, Fiat 500, Bravo, Doblo, Grande Punto, Scudo, Stilo, Bravo.

We make use of the various correction ace tools that have the ability to adjust your mileage on digital odometers and we also fix digital clusters. At mileage corrections, we deal on devices that are associated with digital odometers, airbags, sound systems, car security devices. We offer mileage correction tools that will wow you by performing the following functions:

Enhanced OBD functions Colour connection picture Importation of stored data to a PC by USB port or SD card Direct update from internet Odometer adjusting Airbag resetting Anti-theft code reading Reading ECU memory programming and lots more

Our charges are quite affordable as we only aim at rendering services that provide optimum satisfaction. So contact Mileage Corrections for your Fiat mileage correction and you will be given your money’s worth.