Ford Mileage Correction

We care able to correct the mileage on 95 % of Fords via the diagnostic port due to having the best tools in the market.

Below is a list of Ford’s in which we cover:

Focus, Fiesta, C-mas, S-Max, Galaxy, Mondeo, GT, Mustang, Puma, Ranger, Scorpio, Transit, F150, F250, F350

Please doesn’t panic even if your car is not listed above a good chance we can still do them for you.

mileage correction for all brands

All Fords above 2004 + can be done via the diagnostic port of your car, so no need to remove clocks or any other modules.

We can cover most of the Ford’s from 2016 / 2017, even can be done via our state of the art equipment

Our services for Ford are mobile, so we come to you and get the job covered to a professional standard. We cover anything within a 30 miles radius of central London. Alternatively you could come to us if you wish to do so.

Mileage on a Ford could be stored in more than one location, so please do bare that in mind, we only do a full job, we will not correct just the clock we will do the full job.