Jaguar Mileage Correction

We provide mileage correction services for all Jaguars from 1993 providing they use a digital mileage correction system, all the way to 2010 & 2017 models.

We operate a mobile service with Lonodon, Kent, Surrey & Essex, if you need more information regarding mileage locations or where mileage is stored in certain cars feel free to contact we’ll be able to walk you through it

Here are some examples of the cars we provide our services for:

E Type, S type, X Type, XJ, XF, XJS, XK

We are able to correct the mileage on all the mileage locations, most newer cars have the mileage recorded on more than one place, so if the mileage is corrected it has to be correct on all the memories, to avoid future confusions. As a general rule mileage on the older Jaguars are stored on just the cluster. On the new Jaguars it’s stored on the ECU & the cluster. If you’d like to know how many mileage locations your car has feel free to contact us and we will be able to help.

mileage correction for all brands

We offer all our services as a mobile service, we are based in London and cover anything within the M25 motorway.

Please note we have some of the best equipment on the business, some of our competitors are using cheap Chinese software on their laptops, which could damage your pride and joys and cost a lot of money to put right. We use a handheld device, with backup functions.