Lamborghini Mileage Correction

Your Lamborghini, like any other vehicle, should have 100% accurate mileage. Accurate mileage is a measure of the age of your vehicle; if it gains merely 0.01 miles each mile this can quickly add up to make your vehicle seem older than it truly is, and a loss of the same can make it appear that vital checks are not yet necessary.

Any number of things can throw your mileage reading off true and this can have a knock-on effect on such things as the cost of insurance policies or knowing when to service your vehicle. If the delicate electronics in the vehicle have suffered damage from vandals, extreme temperature fluctuations or simply become misaligned from other parts being adjusted or changed this can all lead to an inaccurate mileage picture building up.

We can recalibrate your mileage monitoring equipment to ensure greater accuracy which will help you to get your Lamborghini serviced at appropriate intervals and will help keep your insurance payments relevant to the miles actually driven If you are struggling with calibrating your Lamborghini’s mileage, give our experts a call, we are waiting to help correct your mileage today.