Land Rover Mileage Correction

We are glad to say we provide mileage correction services for all Land Rovers from 2000 – all the way till 2020. Providing the car uses digital mileage, we are able to correct.

Below is a list of cars in which we provide our services for:
Defender, Discovery, Freelander , Freelander 2 (We are the first company to be able to do this car, via diagnostic port), Discovery LR4 (Again we are the first company to be able to do this car obd), Range Rover, Range Rover sports.

We operate a mobile service throughout London, Essex, Surrey and parts of Kent, we come to you and get the work carried out on site. We cover more vehicles then most call us today for a quote

Please note that Land rovers have the mileage stored on more than one locations, here at Rapid Miles, we do all the locations unlike some other people in the market we don’t pride ourselves on half a job.

mileage correction for all brands

For example the mileage in most cases is stored in the clocks, body control unit, EWS and the keys, also stored on the service history, on the DTC’s (So when a car records an error it stores the mileage that error occurred on).

We are the first company to be able to do Freelander LR2 & Discovery LR4 via the diagnostic port on your car, we can do all the memories without removing any parts from your pride and joy. This is due to us investing a lot of money on software development, we like to assure our customers we are the cutting edge and if there is an easier way to correct the mileage on your car, we will have it. To provide you with the best mileage correction service possible.