Lexus Mileage Correction

The odometer records the total distance your vehicle has travelled, and is a standard component of the instrumentation contained in the dashboard. Most modern cars use electronic odometers with a digital display of the total mileage provided in miles or kilometres. However, electronic components are not infallible and sometimes the mileage displayed may become inaccurate or inconsistent through data corruption or failure of the components.

Digital odometer malfunctions can arise from a surprisingly wide range of causes including attempted theft, battery failures, component or electrical malfunctions, following a collision, or as a result of recent repair or replacement work. A faulty digital mileage reading does not just affect the potential re-sale value of the vehicle, but may also affect information on the digital dashboard relating to speed and fuel consumption. If mileage correction is necessary, it is important to have the work carried out by skilled, trained professionals with both the knowledge and experience to carry out the work to a high standard.

We offer digital mileage correction services for a wide range of Lexus vehicles including the new generation IS range, the hybrid LS, CT, GS and RX models, and the F model series, and any older model Lexus providing the vehicle has a digital dashboard.