Mercedes Mileage Correction

We are glad to say we can correct the mileage on all the Mercedes on the market today! Providing they use digital mileage

We cover all the Mercedes listed below:

A class, B class, C class, E class, S class, AMG , ML, CLK, Vito, Sprinter, latest W205, W222, CLA, Vito & GL upto late 2018 and some early 2019 for more info feel free to contact us. 

Even if your model is not listed above please give us a call chances are we can do it, either way.

Please note that Mercedes have quite a few places in which the mileage is stored and all the units have to be changed to ensure that the mileage is corrected to a good standard.

mileage correction for all brands

The mileage is stored in the cluster, the gateway, the ECU and the keys. We will make sure that we take care of all these locations for you.

On some models the mileage can be stored on more places, for example breaks unit.

We are by far the cheapest company for mileage correction on Mercedes. Also on the new Mercedes for example w221 s-class we can do all the memories without taking any parts out of your car, this is due to top of the range equipment. 

How we see it is not a correction if not all the memories are corrected.

We operate a mobile service which means we can come to you and get the work done on site, we cover London, Essex, Surrey and parts of Kent. Feel free to contact us for a quote

Mileage correction on Mercedes c class w204 being down via the diagnostic port without the need to install can-blocker, these services also available without the need for a can-blocker for the following vehicles Mercedes E class (W212), GLX (X204), Gullwing, CLK (W207), S Class (W221) and CL class (C216)

As far as pricing is concerned every car is a different job due to the amount of memories, please note there is no car in the world in which mileage correction can’t be carried out some are just more work than others, some require better equipment than others.

Here are some of the Mercedes models with can correct the mileage: