Mini Mileage Correction

Mini mileage correction services, we provide mileage correction services for all Mini’s starting from 2001 all the way to 2010.

There are a number of reasons the mileage on your car could be displaying wrong, maybe the original speedo stopped working and you have replaced it with a new speedo (which the mileage would be set to zero). Sometimes if your battery has run flat and you use jump leads to bump start the car a power surge occurs on the system and the mileage jumps.

Below is all the Mini’s we provide our services for:

Cooper, Cooper S, One

We also cover the facelift models 2007 +

mileage correction for all brands

Please note that the mileage is stored on more than one location, Mini being made by BMW it uses roughly the same system as BMW’s. The mileage is stored on the speedo, body control unit and the keys. That’s right the mileage is stored on all the keys.

One the facelift models, the key module is stored underneath the dashboard, previously it meant we had to take the whole dashboard apart to carry out the work. Again a UK’s first due to having some of the best equipment on the market today, we can do the key module via the diagnostic port on your car which means, we no longer have to touch your dash. What does this mean for you as the customer? It means that because we can do the job, at least 2 hours quicker than before, you get a much better rate and much less hassle as far as warranties are concerned.