Porsche Mileage Correction

We are providing mileage correction for many different vehicles, we cover Porsche’s from 2000 all the way till 2020

Below is the list of all the Porsches we provide our services for:

911, 911 GT2, 911 GT3, Boxster, Carrera GT, Cayman, Panamera, Cayenne, 996, 997, 991 & Macan

Please note that the mileage is stored on more then on location, so for example the Porsche Cayenne the mileage is stored in the ECU and the Speedo, Also on some models on the suspension. Different models the mileage memories are different, therefore you may receive a different quotation because we don’t do half a job, not even upon request. We do all the mileage locations on the car. If you’d like to find out more regarding how many mileage locations you car has feel free to give us a call, we would be more than happy to assist further. We provide our services throughout London, Essex & Kent as a mobile service which means we come to you and get the work carried out on site.

mileage correction for all brands

Most Porches can be done obd, which means via the diagnostic port on your car. This means we don’t have to remove no parts from your car. We can cover more models than anyone else obd, due to having some of the best equipment in the market and paying high monthly fees to make sure we provide the best possible service. On the latest Porsche’s we have to remove the instrument cluster from the vehicle to carry out the work required.

We are based in Central London, we operate a mobile service so therefore we could meet you at a place in which suits you,