SAAB Mileage Correction

We can provide mileage correction for your Saab, regardless of age once the model uses digital mileage technology. The digital odometer contained in your electronic dashboard indicates the total number of miles or kilometres your car has travelled. The dashboard data may also contain other information including details of speed and fuel consumption. Most modern vehicles use digital rather than analogue odometers to reduce production costs, unfortunately these electrical components can become inaccurate or corrupted.

Digital mileage displays can malfunction due to collision, attempted theft, faulty batteries, and electrical faults can also occur during replacement of instrument clusters. Inconsistent and inaccurate mileage readings can become frustrating and even a source of stress as the actual mileage of the vehicle is not being accurately provided. Faulty displays may also not be providing accurate information on speed or on how much fuel is left in the tank, leaving the driver at risk, and also can dramatically impact on its resale value.

We provide expert mileage correction using the most appropriate technology on a wide range of Saab cars including the higher spec models of the Saab 900Se, the Saab 9-3, Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-7. We operate a mobile service within London, Essex, Surrey and parts of Kent, we cover most vehicles all the way till 2017, any questions feel free to contact us.