Smart Mileage Correction

We provide mileage correction services for all the smart cars that are currently being sold in the UK today, we cover all models despite the age we can even correct the mileage on the latest models 2009, 2010 and even 2011.

Below are some of the Smart cars we provide our services for:

City convertible, City coupe, Fortwo, Forfour, Roadster, Roadster coupe

mileage correction for all brands

The mileage on a smart car is stored on more than one location, so when we correct the mileage we will correct all the places in which the mileage is stored, so when you take the car back to the dealer, there are no confusions over the correction. As a general rule the mileage is stored on the body control unit and the speedo, depending on the model it may have more or less locations, feel free to get in touch we would be able to explain how the process works.

We are based in London but we can come to you with our well equipped vans and carry out the job on the spot, where ever suits you best be it at work or at home. Normally we only need 24 hour advance providing you can give us at least 24 hour advance we can get the job carried out the very next day.