Volvo Mileage Correction

We provide skilled and expert mileage correction on a wide range of Volvos. We strive to stay ahead of our competitors by having the latest possible software to do the latest vehicles including the 2017 Volvos. We operate a mobile service and as a general come on site and get the work carried out, we cover London, Essex, Surrey and parts of Kent.

Unfortunately the digital information can become inaccurate or corrupted due to a variety of reasons including collision, attempted theft, faulty batteries, and electrical faults which can also occur during the replacement or repair of instrument clusters.

Inaccurate mileage data is an unnecessary source of stress for drivers. Faulty mileage data may not provide accurate information on the total number of miles traveled, but may also be providing misleading information on the speed being traveled, fuel consumption or how much fuel remains in the tank. Inaccurate mileage also has a serious impact on the value of a Volvo. We can assist with mileage correction on a wide range of Volvo models including the C30, S40, S60, S80, V40, V60, V70 as well as the XC60, XC70 AND XC90.