Mileage Correction Dartford

When you need to update the display in your car, a mileage correction procedure provides an aid. In certain circumstances, this service solves a serious problem with a vehicle.

A sensitive electronic system, typically located in a dashboard, occasionally malfunctions. Then, an odometer stops updating, presenting false data. Mechanics have to fix damages, and to revise the display, so that a mileage shows up correctly.

When damages are bad enough to require a replacement of a dashboard, a serious problem appears. Now, the car seems to have no run history at all. To fix this inconsistency, a specialist can transfer the data from the chip in the old dashboard, into the new one.

Modern vehicles contain involved electronic systems, which manage the work of multiple components. Digital data hide in numerous places, frequently multiplied. The specific pattern differs in various types of cars.

Consequently, any technician, who intends to correct the mileage, needs to comprehend the build of a specific model. He has to tweak the data in every location, while being careful to spare the delicate software. Otherwise, your car could malfunction later, because of a damaged firmware.

When you require such a service, seek a professional team, which can handle multiple types of vehicles, while offering a guarantee for their job. With a set of portable, state-of-art tools, mechanics can visit you at home for an additional fee.

If you seek a mileage correction in Dartford, get in touch with the Rapid Miles company, for a professional service.