Mileage Correction Greenwich

Please telephone for a price quotation. We offer mileage correction in the Greenwich area. Bring your vehicle to us or we can travel to your place of work or residence. Many locations served, we are happy talk you through the procedure and explain how our mileage correction service is value for money. Mileage correction may be needed if you have been in an automotive accident or if you have had the engine replaced in your car. Have you had your dashboard replaced or perhaps had your odometer renewed? Mileage correction is available for many makes and models of cars and vans. We have experience and expertise in the following makes of vehicles: jeep, citroen, peugeot, saab, volvo, land rover, range rover, ford, sazuki, seat, chevrolet, toyota, nissan, lexus. We offer an economical service and will be happy to give you a quotation over the telephone. Our equipment is of the latest standard and we can bring our portable equipment to you, offering you convenience and saving you time and money. Our technicians can make themselves available at short notice and we offer a professional, discreet service. Bring your truck to us and we will correct your mileage within the hour.