Ferrari Mileage Correction

A Ferrari is a jewel that needs the best care and protection, so when there is a necessity for mileage correction it is advisable to proceed with care. And this is where we come in. We offer a guaranteed service for all types of mileage correction requirements. We treat your jewel with the top-quality care and expertise that it deserves. Our engineers who work on your car are all highly qualified. We continuously invest in the most up-to-date software, in most cases we can make mileage adjustments diagnostically, accessing through your diagnostic port.

Ideally a Ferrari should not need mileage adjustment; a spontaneous malfunction of the odometer is hardly likely. Usually a faulty odometer, that does not record the mileage correctly, is consequent to damage due to an accident or vandalism, with subsequent need for mileage correction.

However, even in a Ferrari, a faulty odometer could evolve for various reasons. Any type of electrical fault, for instance boosting a flat battery, with a subsequent rise in voltage, can affect the odometer. If the car gets stolen there is usually interference with the starting mechanism, and with the whole electrical system. In all cases our precise mileage correction service is guaranteed.